International and first-rate. Interior fitting by drycon.

A premium interior is the mark of a premium store. drycon is the fit-out specialist providing high-quality, sustainable turnkey interior fitting – for large-scale commercial projects with up to 500 sq. m. of sales floor.

drycon operates internationally and flexibly with offices in Cheltenham, UK, and Bonn, Germany. Our coordinated team of engineers, site managers, foremen and fitters is there to carry out your building project, no matter how complex. We know how to keep an eye on your budget and meet your standards of quality—on time.

A partner you can rely on.

A winning team: You and drycon.

Project Overview Europe

Why have we not yet worked together? We are a perfect fit. You have the expert knowledge about what your customers want, and we can make these wishes a reality. Two individual companies that wish to bring together building and life in a sustainable manner – working together to realise this goal.

Let’s synergise our efforts. Your store, your brand – they’re worth it.

It’s not magic. Managing projects on a European scale.

Fitting details made by drycon

It’s true that every country has its own way of doing business. But quality, cost and schedules need to remain clear and have a basis for comparison – at least that is how we see it. This is especially true when commercial fit-out projects take place at a range of European sites. We carry out our projects with an international team of experienced site managers and construction crews, who see tight schedules and difficult settings as a challenge and not a problem.

We find solutions during meetings on-site – quickly, as simply as possible, and in practical form, whether through hand-drawn sketches or CAD renderings on a tablet.

Drywall, yes. Dry, no. The people behind drycon.

Frank Althaus, Executive Director
Michael Blanchfield, Executive Director

Interior fitting is a skilled trade. But what use are top skills without a view of the larger picture and real enthusiasm for creating a new store?

This is precisely what makes drycon stand out among the scores of other fit-out operations. Our executive directors Frank Althaus and Michael Blanchfield put their minds to every store concept, working hand-in-hand with designers and architects and making sure that our clients can present their brands in an optimised setting. Important is a precise coordination of different building processes and responding professionally to the unexpected challenges that are part of any building project.