Dry Concrete



Drycon®crete is a lime-cement-based design concrete filler for the exclusive decoration of walls and floors. The look and feel of the surface (coarse to fine) are always different depending on the application during the filling process, creating a unique product.


  • High adhesive strength
  • Odorless after setting
  • Compressive strength after 28 days: > 45 N/mm2
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based
  • Suitable for walls, floors, stairs, etc.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas depending on the seal
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Easy to clean and dirt-resistant by sealing
  • Mold-resistant due to high alkali content
  • Water resistant by sealing
  • Low installation height
  • Consumption on 1 m2: approx. 1.25 to 1.65 kg

Material: lime, cement, fibers, additives.

Colors: Available in 8 standard colors + neutral. Can be made in other colors upon request.

Restrictions: For processing, the temperature must not be below 10 ° C and not above 23 °C. Protect from freezing, drying out and subsequent dehumidification until dry.


25 kg bucket, 5 kg bucket


The buckets are to be stored dry and free from frost. After a storage time of more than 9 months after delivery, the quality and processing of the components can no longer be guaranteed


Drycon®crete can be applied with a suitable primer on various substrates such as tiles, screed, concrete, stone, brick, plastic, various plasters, gypsum or Fermacell boards.

The cause of possible cracks in the substrate and their treatment must be clarified by the customer. Expansion joints in the substrate must be applied in the applied layer.

Preparation background

Drycon®crete can be applied directly to concrete or screed as decoration plaster, as long as it does not have to be removed. It is recommended to apply it to a clean surface which is free of cracks and free from dust and release agents such as oil, wax and other substances. If necessary, these properties should be ensured by pretreatments such as grinding or milling. Subsequently, the substrate is to be provided with a suitable bonding bridge.


The product is a powder and should be mixed with a water quantity of approx. 20%, in order to ensure the optimum mixture. If the mixture is carried out by hand, in any case, ensure that a homogeneous mixture is present before application. The spatula is applied with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm and at most 2.0 mm. CAUTION: Do not work wet in wet. The first layer, however, may not be completely cured since it becomes hydrophobic. Therefore, it is advisable to apply the second layer at the latest after 24 hours, where the first layer should be re-wetted or primed with an acrylic primer. It is essential to seal it on the ground. For this purpose, please ask for suitable seals depending on the application.


The production of the drycon®crete surfaces requires patience, craftsmanship and professionalism.

  • Always apply a test area before beginning work.
  • Rapid processing within an area should be ensured. Interruptions can remain visible.
  • Improvements and repairs remain permanently visible.
  • Only work at temperatures between 10 ° and 23 °. Caution in case of pulling through and rapid drying (danger of cracking).

All thin-layer materials have a tendency to crack. Use in permanent areas is at your own risk.

Cleaning and disposal

It is recommended to clean the tools immediately after use with water. Drycon®crete  can be disposed of as rubble.