The whole works. drycon project organization.

Almost every interior fitting company promises to manage things hands-on.

What this really means usually only comes to light when something is missing or goes wrong. At drycon we play with an open hand, showing you which services you can expect from us. Preferring to leave nothing to chance, we are happy to offer you a full range of options.


Clients’ expectation

On the base of ideas and wishes
for their brand we develop and
optimise the brief.



Depending to location and local
rules we develop a scope of works
and define the investment


Interior construction

Our specialists construct, paint and built floors,
ceilings and walls and create all final surfaces

Shell construction

After checking the building situation, we realize structural
well thought constructions, like shop fronts, mezzanines
or escalators, to connect the store to the environment.


In accordance with the schedule and the help of up to date
components we integrate all IT technic, alarm systems, light
concepts and advertising into the store concept.


We develop and build the optimized system that fits into the
concept to get the store into the perfect temperature.



We integrate your furniture design, either
supplied by the brand or produced by us,
perfectly included into the store design
and fulfilling quality and time expectation.



The key moment in aconstruction: Are all
works done as expected? Apart from
design the facts count: Lights focused,
surfaces smooth and impeccable, all
technique online like intruder alarm, smoke
detection or what the environment requires.
With drycon there is only one result: